Having a strong distribution and warehousing strategy is critical to your success in today’s global environment. At ALLROUND CARGO COMPANY, we provide superior inventory and delivery services to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met. With our professional and reliable warehouse services in Lagos and China, our clients get more than just space; they get a focused warehouse solution and decades of industry expertise that will streamline their supply chain.

Our warehouse solution provides a clean secure dry storage space and all related services, such as:

Pallet services
Stretch wrap
Pool distribution logistics solutions

Making the choice to use a 3PL fulfillment center can drastically ease the troublesome pressures of warehousing and distribution, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. All of AllRROUND CARGO solutions are customized to fit the flow of our clients’ business.

Our Distribution and Consolidation Capabilities include:

Accelerated Order Cycle Times
Appointment/ Window Times
Load Building
99% National Coverage
UPS/FedEX/LTL/FTL Shipping

Our Warehouse Services include:

Inventory Management and Control
Inbound and Outbound Order Processing
Bar Coding, Re-Packing, Labeling, and Quality Control
Handling, Pallet Services, and Stretch Wrapping
Labeling, Strapping, Banding, Plastic and Metal
Dedicated and Shared use of Warehouse Facilities
Pool Distribution Logistics
Pick and Pack Services
Inventory Services
Crating and Packing services

Our Distribution Services in Nigeria and China include:

Order fulfillment, Pick and Pack by Order,
Retail Store Distribution
Return Management and Reverse Logistics
Special Order Handling, Kitting
Seasonal Overflow Management
We have what it takes to store your shipment safely and securely.